Never Go Home EP

by Nouvellas



NYC news: Come to our show Thurs. July 12 at Union Pool! With Nicole Atkins, Fletcher C. Johnson, Waivers, Minerva Lions and DJ Josh Styles-- and special guest Daddy Long Legs will be playing harmonica with us!

These are the first two tracks that'll be on our second album we're working on right now. Recorded engineered and produced by us in our guitar player Dennis' basement in Jersey City on his 1967 Ampex tape machine. Mastered by the best, Steve Berson in Greenpoint, NY. Jon Gonnelli of the Black Hollies is on guitar on both tracks. Never Go Home features our pal Daddy Long Legs on harmonica; it's about old memories and being wild. The Ballad of Lee Mellon is a tribute to author Richard Brautigan and his novella "A Confederate General at Big Sur."

AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON iTUNES AMAZON AND EVERYWHERE ELSE JULY 10th, courtesy of Ernest Jenning Records-- and expect more to come soon!


Something happened late last night I woke up in a sweaty fright cause
I could never go home
Did life slip away from me or did it happen suddenly that
I could never go home
My folks are somewhere safe and fast asleep
and I know that I'm in trouble deep--- lying on a floor in a heap
That's why I can never go home

I used to idolize that life of city streets and city nights now
I can never go home
I left home at a tender age of teenage thoughts all filled with rage so
I can never go home
I burned my bridges back to my front door
I thought my little town was such a bore-- now my poor mother thinks that I'm no more
That's why I can never go home.... again

I always thought that I was born to wander
I always thought I never had a choice
Now all I want's a loving arm around me
and I'd give anything to hear your voice

I burned my bridges back to my front door
I thought my little town was such a bore
My folks are somewhere fast asleep, I know I'm in trouble deep
And I can never ever go home


Lee Mellon, Lee Mellon was a man
Was a man who played his hand
He was my friend though friend to no man
Man of a wide and wandering land

He always got his way, from the mountains to the bay
Where the tall trees they whisper and say
Here was a man who had his day

Lee my man, take my hand
Where the tall trees own the land
My heart is buried here with you
My boy, here I stand
In the tall tree heartland
Oh me, here I stand for you

My man lives where he can, in a cabin or a van
Tries his luck in a traveling band
Lost his love for a one night stand

Far country, far from home-- Lee Mellon, where do you roam?
General's army's left all alone
Kiss me before I turn to stone


released July 10, 2012

Music by Nouvellas. Words by Jaime & Leah.



all rights reserved


Nouvellas New York, New York

Ex-Dansettes Jaime and Leah do the singing with the brothers Pierce on guitar and drums, Joe on bass. We play music that we like. Country, soul, rock n roll, folk; we don't discriminate. Just released a new single and are in the midst of recording our second album in our guitar player's basement, might make it down to Memphis to finish it off at Sun Studios-- it's gonna be a good summer! ... more

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